Indoor Wood Boilers – A Green Solution

Going “Green” is the IN thing!

What does that mean? In the world of heating, going green means independence from fossil fuels such asĀ  propane, natural gas, and heating oil; and using solar thermal, geo thermal, or biomass technologies instead.

More Efficient…

One of the best products I’ve found in my research of these technologies is the indoor wood gasification boiler. These boilers use split cord wood, a renewable resource. The two-stage combustion process attains up to 87% efficiency rate, utilizing more BTU’s (the unit used to measure heat output ) per dollar than traditional outdoor wood boilers. Combining the technology of the secondary burn chamber along with a solar-compatible, thermal storage tank, allows the system to continue to heat even after the boiler has used up its load of wood. The majority of the energy used during this process is contained within your system, thus giving these units a high efficiency rating and saving you money.

In addition, these systems can not only heat your home or business, but also your domestic hot water – thereby saving you even more money.

Better For The Environment…

The high temperatures in the secondary burner chamber also help to ensure that harmful pollutants such as creosote, combustible wood gases, and organic particulates, are reduced – making indoor wood boilers a clean and healthy solution for the environment.

The Ideal System…

The ideal indoor wood boiler set-up includes a state of the art wood boiler, suitable for indoor use (contact me to learn more about the manufacturers I recommend); an inexpensive backup boiler, powered by an alternate fuel source, such as propane or natural gas for when you’re away; and a thermal storage tank that is solar compatible, with both heating and domestic hot water heat exchangers. This system, while a considerable up-front expense, can save you thousands of dollars in heating costs over the lifetime of your home ownership.

Is An Indoor Wood Boiler Right For You?

Truth be told, these systems aren’t for everyone. But if you’re interested in learning more about how you can more efficiently – and cost-effectively – heat your home or business, then an indoor wood gasification boiler may be the perfect solution for you. Contact me today to learn more about indoor wood boilers – a “Green” and long-term, cost-effective solution.

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