Indoor wood boilers will burn any type of wood; but your choice of species will have an effect on burn time and BTU output. The following is a list of the most common species. The higher the BTU count, the longer a load will burn. These figures are based on a 20% moisture content*


Million BTU’s Per Cord (4’x4’x8′)

Shagbark Hickory 28.0
Eastern Hornbeam 27.5
Ironwood 27.1
Black Birch 26.8
Black Locust 26.7
Bitternut Hickory 26.7
Apple 26.5
White Oak 25.8
Sugar Maple 24.2
Red Oak 24.0
White Ash 23.6
Yellow Birch 23.5
Red Elm 21.6
Douglas Fir** 20.7
Paper Birch 20.3
White Birch 20.3
Black Walnut 20.2
Cherry 20.0
Green Ash 19.9
American Elm 19.6
Black Ash 19.2
Red Maple 18.8
Hemlock 15.9
Lodgepole Pine** 15.3
Ponderosa Pine** 14.8
Aspen** 14.5
White Pine 14.3

*Contrary to what you may have heard or read, water does not burn. The ideal moisture content for wood is 20% or less.

**These woods are the most common in the midwestern area we service. Although hardwoods are preferable for these systems, they are not available in all areas. Choose wood types that are readily available in your area to make an accurate BTU comparison.

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